When God laid on my heart to begin work on this series, it was, as is often the Lord’s way, quite unexpected. As a wife, mother of three and a Women’s Ministry Coordinator for my church, starting a prayer ministry seemed like an impossible task. Well, the Lord made a way and this new ministry has been life changing. Every step of the way doors opened and key people got on-board – like only happens when God is working and fulfilling His purpose in His time.

It was not always easy, we went through a couple of name changes, struggles to meet deadlines and all the pressure that too many late nights pouring over the material puts on a team. But I will never forget that first recording in the studio when we realized that this might just all happen. What a blessing!

In the end, we have produced these five CD’s that have been heavily steeped in prayer, and are meant to deepen and enrich women’s lives. The ultimate goal is to honor God through our obedience and share His Word and message. Let’s Pray Today Ministries commits our profits to missionaries and missionary projects in the United States and overseas. We look forward to producing more Prayer CD’s and ultimately teaching more women how to develop an intimate relationship with God and become powerful in prayer. Let us hear from you. We want to know what topic you would like us to address next.

Purpose of the “Let’s Pray Today” CD series:

  • To teach women to pray
  • To provide a virtual prayer partner to women who are hurting, struggling, needing direction, or not growing in their Christian walk and who need someone to help them find their voice before the Lord
  • To provide an experienced prayer partner to mature Christian women who would like a prayer partner but do not currently have one or who desire the Lord to breathe a fresh breath of delight and power into their prayer life
  • To help women establish a strong, confident dialogue with God and in turn grow that same kind of relationship with Him
  • To help women kindle a deep love for the Lord, themselves, their spouse & family and others
  • To encourage women to pray as a primary means of living each day fully, victoriously and purposefully

A lot of work and effort went into these CD’s, I sure hope and pray that you are blessed by them, I know that I and the team that put them together have been. If you have comments, feedback or suggestions, please contact us so that we might improve our products. We also want to hear about what you would like to see next, a few ideas we are thinking about are:

Possible Future CD’s in series:

  • Praying Through Grief
  • Praying to Overcome Addiction
  • Praying For Direction
  • Series Translated to Spanish Series
  • Series Equivalent for Teenagers
  • Series Equivalent for Men
  • … as the Lord leads

Lastly, please, please, please keep on praying…praying for us, praying for those who do not know Him, and praying that God will open all of our eyes to see how He is alive and active in our lives.

Cathy Endebrock, Let’s Pray Today Ministries