Praying to Overcome Anxiety and Depression

Welcome, dear friend in Christ. Are you feeling anxious or depressed about something in your life?

Many of the difficult experiences and serious trials in life can be the sources of depressed mood or anxious feelings. Often we can feel as though the situation is just too hard to get past or to get through. I have good news for you. Anxiety and depression do not have to be relentless adversaries that steal our happiness. The God who created us, the God of the universe, meant for us to have a life filled with joy and peace. He can heal and redeem any past hurt and restore wholeness. He can bring victory in any trial. He can give us the direction and counsel we need no matter the difficulty you and I are facing. He not only CAN do these things, He WANTS to do these things.

  • You may have had a very difficult childhood or past experience that has left scars on your heart.
  • You may have problems in your marriage, or are going through a separation or divorce.
  • You may have suffered betrayal.
  • You or a loved one may be having health problems that have changed your life.
  • Financial problems are a source of depression and anxiety, as are problems with our children.


Together in prayer we are going to seek after Him and ask Him to accomplish complete victory in our lives as we practice applying the answers He gives us in His word. Come and discover the four weapons God specifically gives us to overcome Anxiety and Depression no matter the background, situation or circumstances you are facing. Come, learn and grow in the one thing that can have an immediate impact on your ‘today.’