Prayer for Beginners

Our God is a very approachable God! He always welcomes our prayers. He invites us, just as we are, to communicate intimately with Him. This is not a bunch of religious sounding phrases or prolonged periods of solitude. This is real communication with the Almighty God in which He is listening and answering. The author, your new prayer partner, holds your hand as you approach the Lord’s throne together in prayer. Each time of prayer is founded in scripture and follows simple prayer guidelines that will encourage you to become comfortable with prayer. The guidelines are a starting point to help you focus and find your voice before the Lord.

Your time with the author includes an introduction and five separate prayer times together. Ideally, you will complete one session each day, developing the habit of a daily prayer time. Each prayer session will last 10-15 minutes and will introduce one of the five elements of prayer: Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving, Request, and Listening. You will wrap up your time together in a brief Conclusion where you will get some ‘where to from here’ ideas.

This is an opportunity for God to bless your prayer life in a way that will far exceed your expectations. Come and join us and Let’s Pray Today!