Praying for My Children

Are you be a mother who wants to be a better mom and due to the overwhelming task of sometimes trying to be more, you are
discovering you can’t in your own strength.

Perhaps, your child is going through some difficult situations and has some strong needs. Possibly your children are older or full grown and have left the nest and are in desperate need of direction and help that you are unable to provide. Many moms come to prayer when their children are very young and they want to shower their children’s upbringing in the blessings of prayer.

Where ever you are or whatever your situation, God has great gain for you and your children through the time you invest in prayer. Come and learn how it is possible to actually do less, but achieve more. Come find the answers to being a better mom when you are feeling over challenged and ill-equipped.

Praying for our children is like partnering with God to be all those places at the same time in all the different ways our children need. Prayer is entrusting. Entrusting our children’s lives to the Almighty God who loved them even before we felt that first kick in our midsection or first held them in our arms.

You and the author will approach God’s throne together and seek after Him as Protector, Leader, Provider, Truth Giver, and Strength for your lives and for your children’s lives. Come join us in this awesome, life changing time prepared just for you.