Praying for My Husband and Marriage

Our husbands face tremendous stress and pressure from the visual images, social practices and workplace demands surrounding them each day. Our marriages are also under attack through unforgiveness, sexual conflicts, anger, lack of respect, disappointment, selfishness, and pride, to name a few.

As young girls many of us thought about getting married-about wearing a beautiful dress and having a wedding. But once we are married, we understand that marriage really isn’t about getting married but about being married. About staying married. About staying happily married.

Just as it is the Lord’s desire to reflect Himself through the love we share as husband and wife, Satan’s aim is to destroy this relationship and rob us of the joy the Lord intends for us. But we do not have to stand by and watch as our husbands struggle and our marriage is destroyed. We have been given a means to fight the battle to preserve our relationship, to uphold our husband, to see lasting changes and to bring hope back into our lives. It is the weapon of prayer.

Our prayers will be practical and biblical as we join our hearts and voices and talk to the Lord about that which matters a great deal to us-our husbands and our marriages.