Praying for a Rebellious Child

There are many women who are walking through the high waters of having a son, daughter, or loved one who is a prodigal. You are not alone.

The Lord offers a clear picture of the prodigal in a parable that Jesus tells his followers in the book of Luke . The biblical definition of prodigal presented in this parable, highlights the prodigal as wasteful without regard for the past, present or future; one who squanders or recklessly drives away; a life marked by indulgence in things deemed vices.

Are you overwhelmed by the heart ache over your prodigal, feeling as though you can barely breathe, crying more hours of the day than you sleep, wondering how you are going to survive the pain? You are not meant to live this way. In Christ you are meant to be victorious . And you will experience that victory as you spend time praying for this precious child. Not because at the end of this journey your prodigal is guaranteed to be home in your arms completely healed and walking with the Lord. But you can experience victory in this journey the Lord is allowing you to walk through because He promises the victory. And to all of His promises, He answers yes and amen.

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