cathieW (1)Cathie Walling and her husband Jeff have been married for over 25 years. She and her husband are both licensed Christian Counselors and work with marriages and families – please take a moment to visit her website  Cathie is a leader in her community for Moms In Touch International, a prayer ministry for children and their schools.
Their children, three girls and two boys, whom many have referred to as the “A-Team”, are Aubrey, Anson, Aaron, Amie and Annmarie. So far there is no “B-Team”.Individually you would find them in a variety of places such as the football field, the soccer field, the town theater stage, Karate class, dance class, the community performing arts center, their church, school campuses and back yard to name a few. As a family you would find them almost always outdoors. They love outdoor adventures as well as the familiarity of their family farm retreat. One of the more rewarding family adventures has been to a children’s orphanage in Mexico to work and share Christ’s love. They hope to make this kind of experience an annual event.

This mother of five sees that the windows of opportunity to pray are never closed for any Christian mom. In any situation, we can choose to worry and control, or pray. “Do not fret. It leads only to evil” (Psalm 37:8), but prayer leads to seeing God’s hand. “The necessary weapon of prayer makes me less concerned and busy with unnecessary things,” Cathie shares.

The primary motivation that lead to Cathie’s resounding “Yes!” to authoring the “Praying For Your Children” CD, was her desire to encourage mothers to embrace prayer in order to help steer their children’s lives through a turbulent cultural tide.