Sylvia Winden lives in Georgetown, Texas with her husband, Jim, and two teenage daughters. Married for 29 years and a full time mother for 16 years, she has been blessed with opportunities to serve on several local and nationally known ministries. Desiring to pray for her first school aged daughter, she joined Moms In Touch International in 1997, founded a Moms In Touch group for her county in 1999, and considers herself a life time pray-er member.

She is a graduate of The University of Texas in Austin with a major in Business Administration. Reflecting on her past, she says, by far, the most spiritually rewarding work experienced occurred while working as an assistant to a Market Place Ministries chaplain in Waco, Texas. The chaplain, her mentor and dear friend, modeled how to minister to the hurting with a heart of love and compassion and the gift of prayer in the workplace.

Today she focuses her time being involved in the Women’s Ministry Leadership Team at Main Street Baptist Church and participates in Moms In Touch in her community. She has witnessed over and over, the changed lives of women who begin to pray and the impact their prayer life has on others around them.

Sylvia believes God desires to have a dynamic, loving relationship with each of us and wants us in constant communication with Him, through His gift of prayer; so that we can know Him and walk victoriously in His will for our lives. She considers herself an ordinary woman with a passion for prayer desiring to be obedient to God by sharing biblical knowledge and love of prayer with those who desire to learn what the scriptures teach on prayer. In her “Prayer For Beginners” CD she shares with her prayer partner “God’s pearls” for a richer, more intimate and spirit filled prayer life with God.